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"Sevimli Dad" Sour Cream "Hormony"

«SEVİMLİ DAD» Sour Cream 15% - is completely different from all others. First used packaging «Elopak» 500-g, which makes this cream very attractive to consumers. Fat content is 15%. Sour cream is indispensable for the preparation of various salads and very good for breakfast. Shelf life up to 14 days.

"Sevimli Dad" Sour Cream "Kaunas"

Sour Kaunas - the pride of the company «MILK-PRO» OOO. "Kaunas" cream has a clean, sweet taste of sour milk, uniform, moderately thick consistency. Produced from selected varieties of cream obtained from milk Shirvan area. The fat content of not less than 20%. Recommended for all age groups, as high-grade, high-calorie and delicious dairy product. Sealed package. Shelf life of 14 days.

"Sevimli Dad" Sour Cream

Sour Suite - produced from natural cream top grade. Designed for gourmets. Shelf life up to 14 days.

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