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"SEVİMLİ DAD" Dovga 1l

Dovga «SEVIMLI DAD» - a new product of our company, we are producing freed housewives from having long hours of standing near the stove. During our company's participation at the exhibitions in some regions of Azerbaijan, we conducted a tasting of the new product. The result of the tasting demonstrated that dovga home cooking does not have the same flavor as dovga «SEVIMLI DAD». This result was made possible through the use of fresh whole milk of the highest quality herbs and 12 kinds of Goychay region of Azerbaijan, located in Shirvan plain. Many varieties of green found nowhere else in the world. Dovga «SEVIMLI DAD» - products for the whole family, with a completely new technology of cooking. Fat content of the product is 2.6%. Shelf life is 14 days.

"SEVİMLİ DAD" Dovga 0.3 l

Dovga «SEVİMLİ DAD» - taking into account the wishes of our customers, the above dovga filled and packaged in a convenient and small packages (0.3 liter). This volume dovga can replace a light lunch. Fat content of the product - 2.6%, shelf life - 14 days.

"SEVİMLİ DAD" Ayran 1l

Ayran - the national drink of Azerbaijan, which is also very popular in the countries of Central Asia. The company «MILK-PRO» LTD for 4 years makes Ira fat 0.1%, which is deservedly popular with consumers. Ira «SEVIMLI DAD» - a new development company. It differs from its predecessor in fat - now it is 1.4%. Ira «SEVIMLI DAD» is the perfect refreshing drink quenches thirst in hot weather, rich in vitamins and particularly beneficial effect on the body after the heavy foods such as rice, dolma, etc. Airan «SEVIMLI DAD» is a product of the highest class and produced only from whole milk of the highest quality. Type of packaging - «TETRA PEX». Shelf life - up to 14 days at 6-8 º C.

"SEVİMLİ DAD" Ayran 0.3 l

Айран «SEVIMLI DAD», благодаря зарубежному оборудованию, размещен в более удобные и маленькие упаковки и представлен нашим покупателям. Этот охлаждающий напиток быстро утоляет жажду. Жирность продукта - 1.4 %, срок годности - 14 дней.

"SEVİMLİ DAD" Laban 1l

Laban «SEVİMLİ DAD» - an ancient Arabic Airan, made ​​from natural milk. Due to the lack of salt properly stabilize the gastrointestinal system is very useful for the cardiovascular system. Fat content of 1.4%, shelf life - 14 days.

"SEVİMLİ DAD" Doyran 1 l

Doyran «SEVİMLİ DAD» - bring you packed, everyone's favorite beverage cooling, known as hash. Dojran made ​​from yogurt, cucumbers, herbs, etc. Before use, it must be cool. Fat content of 1.4%, shelf life - 8 days.

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