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Cheese "Tilsiter"

Cheese is made from selected natural cow's milk by traditional technology. Every stage of production has a well-established system of quality control at all stages - from raw materials to finished products. Have the latest modern laboratory allows rapid analysis of incoming raw materials and finished products. High professionalism of our technicians, as well as the new production line can achieve excellent quality of our products. Cheese of Milk - pro conquered gourmets and connoisseurs of taste.
The fat content in dry matter of 45%

Cheese "Gauda"

Cheese is made from selected natural cow's milk. Experts of the company cherish the tradition of cheese-makers, combining them with useful innovations. Making cheese is carried out according to classical technology. For its production, using no artificial additives and different methods of accelerating the ripening of the product.
The fat content in dry matter of 40%

"Sevimli Dad" Chees "Chanakh"

Cheese "Chanakh" refers to a group of brined cheeses made ​​from natural, whole cow's milk with added milk and cultures. Aged in salt water for at least 3 months after manufacture. Implemented in 700, 1000, 7000 gram vacuum packs. The main physical and chemical characteristics of the mature cheese: Fat content in the dry matter - not less than 47%, the mass fraction of moisture - 49%, Sodium Chloride - 7.5%, duration of maturation - not less than 60 days.

"Sevimli Dad" "White" Cheese


"Sevimli Dad" Cream

25%-s cream is produced by separation of the liquid milk. Pasteurized and homogenized. Form of packaging - sealed glass. Period - 10 days.

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